Maya & Leela

Meet Maya and Leela – two of the coolest sisters you will ever meet!  This fearless duo loves to explore, understand, and celebrate the world around them.  Our adventures with them begin in India, but who knows where they will end up next!  Maya let Leela (aww, what a great big sis!) choose their first adventure, through Dances of India.  But next, it’s Maya’s turn and she’s got some awesome ideas!  We can’t wait to see where she will take us on their next voyage throughout India.

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MAYA is a thoughtful, creative explorer who is always up for a new experience.  Maya gently and easily makes things happen,  bringing the best out in her little sister and everyone around her.



LEELA is an adorable explosion of innocent goofiness!  She wants to jump into everything all at the same time.  She is never afraid to try something new and her energy is infectious.  I mean, didn’t she make YOU want to get up and Free Your Dance too?