Ways to Free Your (Indian) Dance!

Take em or leave em – a few suggestions if you don’t want the fun to be over!  🙂freeyourdance

  1. Dance Party At Home!  The little ones usually love this and you might crack a smile yourself.  Not to mention that it’s good exercise and exposes you to new music, languages, etc.  Where do you get the music?  YouTube and Pandora are a good, free start – see below for our playlist, which we’ll continually update.  We’ve listed a few instructional YouTube videos in the dance section.  But, here’s one more on basic Bhangra steps!
  2. Learn More About Your Favorite Indian Dance – Focus on one of the dance forms you or your little one likes the most and learn more about it online and/or maybe your local library.
  3. Indian Arts & Crafts Time – If you or your little one is so inclined, go back through the book and take a look at the costumes and instruments that were depicted.   Use stuff lying around your house to recreate them!  There are no wrong answers and your kids may enjoy being part of the process with you.  Example 1: Using rolled up magazines or newspaper and covering it with fabric or colored paper to make Dandiya Sticks.   Example 2: Make your own Indian drum.

AND, in the spirit of all of this, we created a YouTube playlist…just for you!

Of course, if you need additional suggestions or help getting started, feel free to drop us a line.  But, most importantly, have fun Freeing Your Dance!