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More on India & Dancing!

You are here and we are thrilled!  After reading Maya and Leela Present: Dances of India, you may have an interest in learning more about dance forms in India for your little reader and/or for yourself.  Or, you may have stumbled here accidentally (it happens to the best of us).   Either way – fabulous and welcome!

Here you can find more information about:

At the end of the day, our goal is not to help you or your child pass a test.  It is to give you all a taste and feel for the spirit and diversity of a new place and one very special aspect of its culture.  Even if no one remembers any specifics, we think the experience will stay with you both in some way or another.

There is TONS of information in cyberspace about India and the beautiful dance forms that are spread across this rich and diverse landscape.  We didn’t want to reinvent the wheel…or you probably could call it laziness.  🙂  So, we are pulling from various resources and offering you links if you feel compelled to explore even MORE (awesome!).  In other words, there are a fair amount of links to other resources.