Change Is…

It has been quite a while since we last surfaced with news, updates or anything!  We apologize for those of you who love to hear from us.  You are welcome for the rest of you! 🙂

The theme for this summer has been – change.  The title says it all and its open ended because what we noticed is that we are often eager to place judgment on changes being good or bad.  I know I am. When in actuality, change is really all there is. Change just IS. Isn’t there a saying that about how we can never step in the same river twice?

Apart from having a few health changes for myself that forced a temporary time-out, the biggest change is that my dear friend, partner, and loka 🙂 – Kyra is going to take a step back from 2Lokas and Our Little Loka for now.  Fortunately, loka in Sanskrit means world and our company name is not solely a cheeky reference to two crazy ladies!  We might have a bigger problem then.

I’m naturally bummed to see my friend and awesome partner go.  Kyra was an excellent compliment to me and we are very proud of our achievements together and had lots of fun and sushi doing it.  But I also totally understand and respect her reasons for making this hard choice.  In her own words:

“As I’ve come to realize, albeit rather expectedly, being a true entrepreneur is both incredibly satisfying and unbelievably challenging.  When Malini and I launched this venture over a year ago, we were both working moms with a lot on our plate, including a sushi buffet.  But, we were determined to run with it.  And, we did!  And, gasp, it was so much fun (and even more hard work, ha)!   And, I perhaps naively believed that I would be able to seamlessly transition from working full-time to the start-up world.  While many out there do it, quite sucessfully and with far fewer resources at their disposal, it’s not easy.  It’s actually really difficult to indulge in the flexibility around being your own boss when you’re working full-time and have personal and other obligations to tend to.  So, for now, one year and some change later, I’ve decided to step back from it all, re-evaluate, and really focus on my full-time work, my family…and myself.  it hasn’t been an easy decision, as I love 2Lokas.  Not to mention, working with Malini, a great friend for life, has been beyond wonderful.  And, who knows, I may still have the entrepreneurial urge in the future.  I probably will!  But, there’s also something comforting, especially for me right now, about finding happiness in a stable and predictable place.  I never thought of myself as someone who craved certainty, as I’ve always been a risk-taker, an adventure-seeker.  However, the practical-pragmatic side of me seems to have taken over as of late.  Anyway, enough rambling.”

Kyra makes some great points about the perpetual struggle of moms like us who are constantly seeking to healthfully balance all that we want to do in our lives.  Kyra’s honesty is courageous and beautiful to me because sometimes it is MOST important to be able to say we need a break and take care of ourselves, and we will always be peeps  :).    She is also not leaving completely, and will chime in periodically without having to manage some of the other stuff.    I will follow the advice of one of my faves Dr. Seuss, who says, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

What does that mean for 2Lokas and our book series?   Well, that’s the thing with change, it is both exciting and a little scary.  And I’m learning that I must start embracing it as the norm if I want my son to do the same, and prepare him for life.

For now, I feel that what we want to do with 2Lokas and the books is not necessarily coming from me, but rather through me.  And for that reason, I would like to keep it going.  So that is what I plan on doing!

We should have an e-book version of our book out for you shortly and would like to get started on the next book soon.   I am also very much open to the possibilities that change brings in taking any suggestions you might have as we move forward, and even talking to you more if you or someone you know is interested in jumping aboard for the ride.  Just drop me a line! 

Regardless, thank you for sharing in this journey of CHANGE, evolution with us, and we hope to have your continued support as we charge ahead.


Posted on: September 16, 2014, by : littleloka