Board Books, Picture Books, And Those Sticky Fingers

I recently ventured down into the basement, Arjun’s unofficial play space, only to find him sitting in the midst of about 17 red, blue, and yellow balls he had strategically removed from his ball pit…with a book in hand.  It was a sweet picture book with revealing tabs that someone had given to him.  Unfortunately, as I got closer, I realized he had not only torn the tabs out, but he had also begun ripping out the pages with his typically sticky fingers.  The kind of fingers that have unsuccessfully picked at scrambled eggs, wiped a nose filled with all kinds of grotesque hay fever realities, Scattered Books BWand who knows what else.

But, I digress.  I mean, what should I expect from a two-year-old unknowingly determined to bring dis-order to my seemingly orderly world?  Ha!

When we launched 2Lokas, we were set on printing board books precisely for this reason. Given the age group we’re targeting (0-4), we figured a sturdy board book would fair much better in the hands of toddlers.  There would be little to no tearing of pages.  The story and illustrations would remain in-tact.  And, the stickiness could be wiped away, with ease.  It seemed like a no-brainer.  Of course, we soon came to find out that not only are board books much more expensive than picture books, but there aren’t that many places that print them in the United States.  The horror!  Suffice to say, despite the challenges we ran into, we found a superb company to work with and have been extremely happy with the end result – a high quality board book that will fit perfectly in a toddler’s perpetually sticky hands.

Although we’re thrilled with the way “Dances of India” turned out, several people have suggested that we look into printing picture books as well.  This would not only allow us to sell a version of our current book at a lower price point, but it would also allow us to provide another option for everyone out there.  Not to mention, picture books might allow us to expand our target age group.  AND, it’s possible to use paper with a higher weight, which would counter the above mentioned potential for wear and tear.  Interestingly, most well-known board books actually started out as picture books and were only made into board books after.  Clearly, people are interested in both, even for the youngest of the young.

Given all this, we’re in the process of exploring the various picture book options out there.  And, your opinions mean a lot to us; we want to make sure we’re creating something that will satisfy you and your or someone else’s little one.  So, in the spirit of engaging our wonderfully insightful readers, we put together a simple survey (below).  As always, if you have additional thoughts on this, don’t be shy about commenting here or on our Facebook page.  Of course, if your child is already reading Hemingway at the wise and ripe age of 3, we welcome your thoughts as well.  🙂

And, on that note, I’m off to wipe down some toys, balls, and books!

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Posted on: May 22, 2014, by : littleloka